15 Tips for Faster, Easier, and More Effective Content Creation

15 Tips for Faster, Easier, and More Effective Content Creation

Content creation might be one of the top priority for any business, but challenges still remain. In the top reasons why small businesses don’t have a website, a blog or a newsletter, lack of time and ideas are often leading. The presentation below gives you 15 actionable ideas to generate and plan your content strategy you can apply to any business models, even the smallest ones.
Find out how to finally become efficient and excellent in delivering contents that rocks!

My biggest challenge when it comes to content is to find creative ways to express technical subjects. And you, what’s driving you crazy in your content creation process? Share your thoughts below!

5 things to Spring clean your Social Media

5 things to Spring clean your Social Media

Even if it’s still snowing here in London we need to face it, Spring is just around the corner and it’s time for the big cleaning! While it’s usually synonym of drudgery and hard work, in Social Media a Spring clean is the best time to refresh your brand and cheer up your audience online with news and updates while waiting for warmer longer sunny days!

Here are 5 original tips to Spring clean your Social Media !

  •  Images

Since Facebook rolled out its new News Feed redesign, photos and videos appear bigger in the Timeline feed and offers advertisers a big, bright palette onto which they can pour the most creative imagery they’ve got. If you showcase your products and any type of images make sure they looks sharp and professional and use pictures with a white background.

  • Update your profiles

About section, Company description, pictures… A Spring clean is the perfect occasion to update all your information. Make sure you mention the latest news about your company and update your phone number, email address, google map location and address on your website and on your different social media channels.

  •  Update and organise your list of contacts

This one is very important if you are sending a newsletter on a regular base. If you have different audiences (for example: client vs potential partners and collaborators), put them into different categories. Make sure that you invited your Social media contacts to opt in to your newsletter and don’t forget to add those you’ve met at networking event (Yes I am talking about that pile of business cards seating at the corner of your desk!)

  • Update your passwords

Maybe you still have a few employees who have left your company and know your social media passwords change it and set a reminder to do it every 6 month.

  •  Update your LinkedIn

Make sure your LinkedIn profile mentions your latest work, new skills acquired and achievements you may have made over the last few months. Also, reach out to clients, colleagues and employers for recommendations to boost your credibility. If you run your own business create or update your Company’s profile on LinkedIn. Last thing, add your LinkedIn profile link on every signature line of your e-mail to let others know that you want to connect.

What about you? Do you have any Spring clean recommendation to share? What is your next step then? Share your thoughts below!